Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy F****** H***

The END is here.
and I don't mean this End.
I mean this one.

It's tooooo haaaaaaaaaawwt.

Ok, so yah, maybe I am a whiny baby, so what, whatcha gonna go about it, huh?
(Sorry, being hot makes me pissy)


S said...

Hee hee 78 and breezy down here.


lime said...

i think we swapped summers. i guess i should be saying thanks...and sorry.

actonbell said...

Wow, I haven't been paying attention, and had no idea that it was so hot out there! You have my sympathy, that really sucks.

Our summer has been unusually clement; we've only had two days above 90 degrees since May, and will possibly get another one this's usually brutally hot and humid here around now, but it's been nice. And I've probably just jinxed us!

Breazy said...

I don't like the kind of heat you all are experiencing. Around here not only do we have heat but the humidity is so high it makes breathing hard..seriously.

Hope your cooler temps return soon!

The Grunt said...

I expect that kind of heat here, but up there? Sheesh!