Friday, February 05, 2010

A Cheery Little Poem I Wrote

My mood today veers wildly between sunny and bright and...
not so much.

I saw this in an old notebook and thought, "Golly, that was a terribly upbeat piece, wasn't it?"
So here, in the spirit of accepting all manner of poetry (including the very amateur), take THIS!

On and on the voices drone
The echoes lunging
Tearing, ripping,
Repeated over and over
Yet the words are indistinct
Day after fay the sounds echo
The words are always the same
I used to know the meaning
But now the harder I try
The less it comes to me
The farther I wander
The louder it gets
It builds til it seems to scream
The echoes lunging
Tearing, ripping
Til my strength lies there
tattered, in shreds.

Today I think I shall drive to eastern WA to visit my dad at my sister's house since it's almost his birthday. After all, 6 hours of driving sounds like so much FUN, doesn't it??


furiousBall said...

i prescribe lots and lots of vodka, but after the drive

Nessa said...

You have cheered me up so much. Which way should I slice again?

Flash 55 - Buried Secrets

Unknown said...

You taking all that sunshine with you?

actonbell said...

Have a nice, safe drive.
Try to keep your strength up:)

lime said...

6 hours of driving could induce a poem with that sort of mood for sure. but i hope the destination is a whole lot of fun.

Kyahgirl said...

have a nice visit...spread your upbeat self around a little :-)