Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Here are my Things and I on Mother's Day at the Rocky Reach Dam in eastern WA. T'was a beautiful day and we had a great time. See how Thing One is taller than me now? Yah, he LOVES that.

This is the party for Thing Two when he turned eleven.
Water balloons + little boys= successful party!

Here is Thing Two, grandpapa and the ever-present heart pillows.
Here is Thing One scootching through grandpa's temporary bedroom (the breakfast room) on his way to talk to his buddy on the phone. Don't get between him and the phone, ok, don't, you will get run over.
Here is Mr. Logo making magic on my floor!! Lookit, lookit!
It's all Italian looking and awesome! I love it!
He stained and installed a little rug to floor thingee. See how I try to totally ignore the nasty p**k carpet?
Oh, and did you notice that new color on my toes?
Hee hee, that is my new "YAY, it's spring!" color.
In this pic it's on the new stone in my master bathroom.
This project is AAAAAAAAAALmost done. There is some grouting left to do, but since it's not done yet you can see...
the awesome heated mat that keeps the stones warm, LOVE IT!!
THIS is the purple on two of the walls in the family room, and the brownish color is the same at the dining room. The other two walls will be completed before summer is out (we hope).
There ya have it, some of the new-ish stuff around here.


Nessa said...

Love the green toes.

Everything else is loverly too.

furiousBall said...

nice job Mr Logo! Love the purple!

Unknown said...

Hey, pop looks good!

lime said...

keeping everyone busy is a good plan! it all looks good. love the new floors too.

Anonymous said...

I have some tile work that needs doing if Mr. Logo is available...

TLP said...

Oh, I love the new stuff! Good job. Is Mr. Logo ever on loan?

Yes, I did notice the green toenails as soon as they peeked out there. Sweet.

S said...

very cool newish stuff!

Charlene Amsden said...

Hey, I recognize that lady, her boys and their dog! I think I've seen them somewhere!

I envy you all that heated tile. We have the tile sans heat and it can get cold!