Sunday, October 03, 2010


I don't really get to chat as much as I have in the past
(much less time to be in front of the 'puter these days)
now that I have unlimited text,
that's ok because now I can chat via text,

Football games go so much quicker when you are texting with your friend.


lime said...

they do go quicker that way. they also speed by when you have a couple of gay guys who are only there to see their daughter march in the band (like moi) and you all can sit and make ride comments about the butt patting and spandex tights and utter silliness of the game.

quilly said...

I have limited texting, but I have great games on my my new touch phone and they kill time really well, too! I can also read and answer my email. If I was a little more saavy, I could probably even blog.