Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sooooooo, um...

My laptop has finally returned from HP.
Now I have to re-personalize it but at least it works!!

In other news,
the rabbit's name is Perry.

We  just got back from Silverwood, it was AWESOME.

Tremors and Aftershock were both amazing in daylight but we did them again right before the park closed and they were even BETTER in the dark.

Thing One was very disappointed that none of the rides were too scary for me. I am unclear how he has known me for this long and yet was still suffering from the misapprehension that I wouldn't be a coaster fan.
 I don't know why but my reaction on any ride like that is laughter, in fact, according to Thing One it is "maniacal laughter."

Anyway, we got to visit family, friends, do the water and theme park at Silverwood and still make it back in time for school to start tomorrow, whew.


The Grunt said...

Good to have you back online!

Anonymous said...

Thing one can take me along with him next time if he needs an adult to ridicule...won't get me near a coaster...

lime said...

oh thing one, how very silly of him!

btw, 17 days!