Saturday, May 26, 2012

So this is what 1,000 posts looks like...

It all started with her.
and these two, of course.

Good Things who love their Ariella puppy,
and love cooking up trouble...

they've a long history of that.

Many topics have been discussed.

It seems there has been a fair amount of food talk.

and can you blame me?

I've even made sushi!

I had to talk about that.

I made roti too.

Of course some topics are just for fun.

Or because they are funny

or because I'm weird,
and I know my weird friends here will enjoy the same things I do.
Then again, sometimes I just have to get my geek on,
or discuss the good stuff in life.

What could be better than a place to talk about all that?

Of course, sometimes I just want to show off some projects around the house,

or outside the house,
because when you've worked this hard,
it's fun to share the photos.

It's been a great place to talk about my Things,

and record their antics.

Or brag on them,
or discuss their birthdays.
It's also been a fun place for me to display my own antics too,

 whether of the silly variety,
or hair color sort,
and recording the trip.

I've also shown off new skills, and new projects,
and enjoyed some creativity of others
(Logo as her dad™ by Tom).

I've shared shoes, and pant leg hemming,

as well as my discovery of less-than-hideous Crocs.
Of course, I got to share my trip to Paris as well,

It's been fun sharing landmark events at landmark places

(Thing Two birthday at the Space Needle)

 sharing great times with good friends
(Space Needle with Lime and Susie, 2011).
Blogging has deepened friendships I already had, and brought new ones as well.
Some of us feel better about the additions to our lives than others.

The newest addition to our household, our bunny, may not actually be Ariella's favorite.
But he is awfully stinkin' cute.

Though, we may have been predisposed to consider him awesome.

We have a long history of rabbit appreciation.

(White rabbit from our trip to Sequim a few years ago)

Rabbit photo of one of these delicate creatures in action,
Perry, contemplating your doom.

Of course, my faith plays an important role in my life, so you see evidence of that here too...
  as well as my adoration of tea,
mmmmm, tea.

Today, we are having a birthday party for Thing Two.
He is 13.
He turned 13 on the 13th,
and it is currently 13 day after the official occasion.

He is such a sweet, and funny young man.

He is very creative,

and a lover of tea
(what a good boy!).
He often makes me tea in the morning.
He did karate for a while,
but his favorite part was visiting with the other kids.

He heard about frankenfashion and decided he needed some.
This shirt has the sleeves of a tie-dyed shirt, a solid blue back (tag facing out), and an awesome baseball logo on the front. It still fits him and is one of his favorites. He gets LOTS of compliments on it.

He is also willing to model for me on occasion when I need to send knitting pics.
Here is showing his auntie what her hat, scarf, and fingerless gloves looked like.

He loves going on family motorcycle vacations,

and is a good sport about letting me snap his pic,
even pausing monkey mode to do so.
He was a wonderful helper when his grampa was here recovering from surgery,
so thoughtful and willing to go out of his way,
it made me proud.
He has recently taken up lacrosse and works hard,
even in the pouring rain.

He is definitely turning into a little man, and I am so delighted with him.

No discussion of this blog would be complete without mention of books,
and glancing back I was surprised at the frequently carnivorous tone.

but there ya have it!

Of course,
there was lots of talk about my mum,

 and my folks in general.

My grandparents got some blog posts too, 
and I am glad,
they are a big part of life even though they are gone now.

My grandparents met during the Blitz, in London.
Grampa was US serviceman, and that leads me to the last thing I want to talk about, veterans.
This is the National Cemetery where my grandparents are interred.

This is a picture taken there on Memorial Day.

This next shot is a photo from 1942.
This is my grampa and his dad, who was in the Navy.

So very, very many who've gone before have served this country,
and many have given their lives for this country,

and in actions deemed necessary by this country.

We have not forgotten.


lime said...

you and susie and i are the only ones left from the first days. i'm so glad we are still in touch even if she doesn't really blog anymore. so wild to watch each other;s kids grow up here. now get over to my side of the continent already!

and no, we have not forgotten at all.

Anonymous said...

so many memories. i'm at 900 some odd posts. i hope i can do my 1000th the same justice. or maybe i'll ignore it completely...only time will tell

TLP said...

Wow! What a great post! I loved every minute of it.


The Grunt said...

Congrats on your 1000th post and this awesome post!