Friday, July 19, 2013

Scenes from the commissary

For those not in the military know, the commissary is basically a grocery store exclusively for the military. Because Mr. Logo devoted the best years of his life and most of his mental well-being to our national defense via the US Navy he (and therefore I) have the right to shop at the commissary. The selection can sometimes be limited, and the restocking is not always what you would expect at your local Safeway, etc. but the prices are pretty darn good on most things and we find worthwhile.

Anyway, I had to put in some commissary time and between one thing and another it is typically not my favorite way to spend any of my minutes. As I was walking down the bread aisle, singing to myself (in an attempt to bring my happy place along with me) I saw a man at the far end of the aisle watching me. I paid him no mind and proceeded to check labels and do my thing. When I got down to the end where he was— I realized he was still watching me. I inadvertently made eye contact and he said, "Ma'am, you are so pretty." 

Having been raised with good manners I said thank you, he nodded his head once at me to acknowledge that and started walking down toward the whole wheat bread. I went round the corner to the next aisle where I realized, ya know, I don't think how I look is anywhere near the most important thing about me but dang, that compliment put a smile on my face. 


lime said...

take whatever kindness comes your way and hold it in your heart. :)

Bijoux said...

Wow! So nice! I would have been a bit scared though. I'm paranoid!

actonbell said...

That is nice! A little awkward, but nice :)