Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day in Seattle

Today I took my Things and Cheesypickles to Seattle for the day. We went to the EMP where we received free admission with our military IDs, yay for supporting vets! We had a pretty great day.
Here is Thing One in the gift shop being attacked by an ROUS. It was one of several lovely Princess Bride articles for sale. There was a selection of shirts from Firefly too, my favorite bearing the quote,
"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal."

The sound lab at the EMP was pretty great fun. Cheesypickles played around with the piano and vocals section, Thing Two drummed his little heart out, and Thing One displayed his considerable mastery of the mixing board. I was impressed.

As is our custom on sunny days at Seattle Center we also stopped by the fountain. 
The Things went down to touch the fountain while trying to stay dry. It was interesting to watch their differing styles. Thing One sneaked up all paranoid and twitchy- touched the fountain and decamped at full speed. Thing Two nonchalantly strolled up, tagged it, and walked away swiftly.

 The slope away from the fountain turned out to be too much for Thing Ones shoes but he figured it out eventually.
 We also went to Archie McPhee's.
Cheesypickles found a lovely set of glasses.
 Thing One found himself a horse head that suited him.

Thing Two meanwhile managed to thoroughly trap himself.

Once we got that all taken care of we got some delicious pizza and then bought a couple books and headed for home.  It was a really great day.
I like those darn kids.


Bijoux said...

That looks like a really fun day. Cool fountain!

actonbell said...

You always make me want to see Seattle! So glad you had such a lovely Veteran's Day. And I agree, the fountain is way cool.

Logophile said...

The extra cool thing about the fountain is that it plays music and the water jets activate, deactivate, and vary based on the programming that matches it to the music. So one second it is rather calm and the next moment it can explode into an enormous cataclysm of spraying water.
Fun for the run-up-and-touch-it game.

lime said...

well, obviously i need to come back so i can play the fountain game since i missed that last time.

looks like good fun was had by all.

Jocelyn said...

I'm actually a little freaked out that your boys are, like, MEN.

Time is passing too quickly in Blogland.