Thursday, December 27, 2007

I got golf clubs!

I also got all the little bits and pieces to go with my clubs including some practice balls.
'Scuse me now, I'm going back outside to the yard to play.


Em said...

Wow...good for you! Glad you have good weather so you can be out there playing with your new toys. Here...just sleet. Not exactly good putting weather.

minijonb said...

yea! go whack a few for me.

furiousBall said...

i love presents like that, ones that get you outside. go get 'em.

Seamus said...

So...are said clubs to be used for some rollicking motorcycle hockey??? ;)

cathy said...

I got back ache from lifting a 25lb piglet in and out of the oven.

I think I know where you can find a couple of extra balls to practice with. LOL

Happy Holidays Logo.

lime said...

i'm sorry but your membership in the female gender has now been revoked. how could you, you traitor?

i still love you though

actonbell said...

Do you wear those funny golf pants? Just wondering.

Have a ball! Good for you:)

Ed said...

Cool. I'm still learning the WII version...less rain falling on me that way.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Enjoy those clubs and all your bits and pieces! ;0

tsduff said...

Man, I can't even play minature golf!

S said...

OMG you are such a dork, I never knew you played golf. Now I am really worried.

Ack ack ack

Hello from India!

Logophile said...

Em~ we had some drizzle, and I do have a golf umbrella but I just went with the northwest standby- ignore it.

Minijon~ Will do

Furiousball~ Got 'em, as ordered. Lost a ball doing it too :P

Seamus~ I hadnt considered that, I suppose I could!

Cathy~ As long as the balls are aerodynamic, send em on over!

Lime~ They are ladies' clubs! and I play off the ladies' tee box!! Thank you for still loving me though.

Actonbell~ No, I wear jeans, or shorts, but I can look for a funny hat if you'd enjoy the pics.

VE~ I like that idea too.

RLL~ I will, I will! I got my honey an espresso machine and thought of your UPS man while hauling the box in. Silly UPS man!

TSDuff~ Oh sure you can! You may not be good at it, but you can DO it! That's why I play, I dont let a little thing like talent or ability stand in my way!

Susie~ Thank you dear, I feel so much better now. :p Even the other misfit dolls are calling me a dork or a traitor, sheesh!