Thursday, December 20, 2007

The solstice is coming, the solstice is coming!

We are getting to that holiday time of year. Here at casa de Logophilia we celebrate the winter solstice (after a fashion, there will be no skyclad dancing around a fire).
Frankly, the kids are looking forward to our summer solstice bonfire much more. Mostly, I think, because I said they could throw their completed workbooks on the fire. Anyway, the idea is to stay up through the long night of the year and watch the sunrise. FINALLY the days will start getting longer, ooooh yes, much with the sun shining and warmth, and the motorcycling. I'm looking forward to that.

Next on the calendar is Festivus, that's the 23rd. You may not think it's a real holidy, but we enjoy it.
Then on Christmas Eve we will be heading to the Aged Ps' house for the rest of the holiday stuff.

Today we are delivering Christmas cookies and what not to our neighbors, aren't we kind?
Also, here is a gingerbread house we made. Aren't we crafty and festive?

Alright, given my usual frequency of posting this may be it till after the holidays. Hope you all have a grand and glorious occasion with lots of good food and fun times.



furiousBall said...

that's the best gingerbread house i've seen. which for some reason there are lots of those going around? did i miss a memo?

Seamus said...

WHAT??????????? No skyclad dancing??? How very disappointing! There will be here! ;)

lime said...

the skyclad dancing woudl be fun but in these here parts one would run the risk of frostbitten bits. i'm all over the bonfire though!

wonderufl gingerbread house. i've begun my annual cookie blitz. i must be insane...50 dozen so far.

do enjoy your solstice, festivus and christmas, dearie...and don't forget boxing day.

Anonymous said...

That is a cool stinkin idea!!!!
You guys are creative and cool.
Happy Holidays!

Breazy said...

the gingerbread house is gorgeous! Sounds like you all have a fun holiday lined up.

I wanted to stop in and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I do have a Christmas card for you but as of yet I haven't made it to the PO so you may get it after Christmas, so long as you know I was thinking about you!


The Grunt said...

Happy Solstice! Have a Merry Christmas too!!!

Kyahgirl said...

Have a wonderful holiday Logo and Ariella!

Big hugs to you and yours and wags from Casper.

S said...

Hi Logo Im not commenting but you gingy house malkes mine look like a slum...ok wait it already looked like a slum!!

I am hereeeee!


minijonb said...

have a great Festivus... or Chrismukka... or whatever holiday it is today.

Charles said...

The Solstice is past, Merry Christmas to you and your's.

G said...

I'll wish you a broad and sweeping happy holidays then! Did I miss the airing of grievances? That's terrible.

All the best to the whole Logo family.

Bsoholic said...

Sweet gingerbread house!

hope your xmas was merry and bright. ;P