Monday, July 07, 2008

What I did on my summer vacation

When last we left you our brave adventurer had defeated the scorching desert heat with a mister (frankly, THAT was good for way more sexual innuendo than the beaver. The whole beaver schtick is so overworked but the mister..."I was sooo hot, and now my new mister has made me aaaaaaall wet." Anyway...)

On our second day we headed for Spokane to visit the Esteemed Elder Sister and her family. It was a long day because Thing Two kept getting sleepy so we had to stop frequently.

One stop was at

Since they were with me there was plenty of reading involved.

However, Thing Two preferred the interactive museum displays.

When we finally reached Spokevegas the Things were delighted to kick back and relax.

There was also a visit to mini golf, bowling, and batting cages. Then we went to Sonic and took in a movie.

In case you were wondering, Wall e is a very cute flick. We also discovered there are off-road riding areas near Spokane, so we had to do some scouting for return trips with the three wheelers. I got to sit and chat with my sis for a bit( always a good thing) and Mr. Logo and Mr. EES got to shoot the sh...breeze in the garage for a while, so everyone was happy.

Then it was time to press on to the Tricities. Most of the road looked just like this.About 70 miles away from Kennewick the Harley started to splutter and cough, and die. We managed to limp it along to this exit.which is still the middle of nowhere, but at least there was a tree to provide some shade. Good thing too, because it was going to be a while. Since Red Molly was still feeling fine Thing One and I carried on to the hotel once we got in touch with the roadside assistance through our insurance (Thank you, Gecko!) and we knew help was on the way, even though it might take some time.

In Kennewick my friend April came over to hang out with us. Last time we visited her she fed us an ENORMOUS dinner which was also delicious so this time we invited her to go out to eat with us. Mr. Logo and Thing One finally made it to the hotel and we went to a lovely little Mexican place with super yummy handmade tortillas. Mmmm

The Kennewick Harley shop couldn't do anything with the bike till after the 4th so we settled in and spent the day with April. She borrowed her mom's van and ferried us all about the historic Tricities area and even took us out to the Hanford site.

On the 5th we were informed that the part required to fix the Sporty was not in stock and couldn't arrive till Tuesday.

This was a mild disappointment (understatement).

Mr. Logo was not thrilled (understatment).

We ended up renting a Uhaul and trucking the stupid thing back but we made time to stop at a couple wonderful roadside attractions, such as the volcano bathrooms and dino park at Granger, WA

It was a great day, and we all were happy, happy, happy, the whole day through.


furiousBall said...

that's not a real dinosaur is it?

egan said...

That's quite the adventure. At least you had some very good company and April seems like quite the tour guide. Hopefully the Harley isn't injured too bad.

lime said...

happy happy joy joy. hope the harley is up and running soon.

Breazy said...

Glad you all had a good time but sorry to hear about the Harley. Good luck with getting it repaired!

Seamus said...

Sounds like a great trip until the last part with the breakdown.

Did you all stay for the laser light show on the spillway of the Grand Coulee Dam???
My grandfather was one of the engineers on the dam and it's pretty cool reading some of mom's old journals about their time there.

Fred said...

Wow - what an adventure! The pictures are great. I would've made the same call with the Harley.

The last picture is great. Looks like even the boys were exhausted. That's hard to do.

Nessa said...

That last picture is the very definition of happy; D

Unknown said...

I'm terribly paranoid of breaking down on a long trip away from home. So much so that I never actually break down on a long trip.

And I LOVED Wall-E. Excellent movie!

Jocelyn said...

I love that last photo there. Hee.

I apologize (especially to your Mr.) for how funny I find it that you had to rent a U-Haul to tote another vehicle home.

I have a black soul, but at least your sunny vacation balances it out a bit.

Hobbes said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the breakdown, but the rest sounds great.
We liked Wall*E too.

The Grunt said...

Some words of Bob Dylan's
"Well the world owns seven wonders as the travellers always tell.
Some gardens and some towers, I guess you know them well.
But now the greatest wonder is in Uncle Sam's fair land.
That King Columbia river and the great Grand Coulee Dam.

She come up the Canadian Rockies where the crystal waters glide,
Comes a-roaring down the canyon to meet that salty tide
From the great Pacific Ocean to where the sun sets in the west,
That big Grand Coulee country in that land I love the best.

In the misty glitter of that wild and windward spray,
Men have fought the pounding waters and met a watery grave.
Once she tore men's boats to splinters but she gave men dreams to dream,
That day that Grand Coulee dam went across that wild and restless stream.

Oh Uncle Sam took up the notion in the year of thirty three,
For the factory and the farmer and for all of you and me.
He said: roll it on Columbia, you can roll out to the sea
But river, while you're rolling you can do some work for me.

Now from Washington and Oregon you can hear them factories a-hum,
Making corn and making manganese and light aluminum.
Always a flying fortress to blast for Uncle Sam,
That King Columbia river and the great Grand Coulee dam.

Well the world owns seven wonders as the travellers always tell.
Some gardens and some towers, I guess you know them well.
But now the greatest wonder is in Uncle Sam's fair land.
That King Columbia river and the great Grand Coulee Dam.

S said...

Ya oughta have come down here......

Bsoholic said...

The pic of Thing Two with the red wrench is a terrific shot. It really brings the viewer in to that moment in time at a museum. All cool pics too. :)

Hope the Harley is fixed soon.