Tuesday, January 03, 2012

In which I blather about things that seem important-ish at the moment.

Today, January 3rd, marks the second anniversary of my mom's death. It's seen much longer than that in some ways, and in other ways it seems impossible that it's only been two years. I've been thinking about so many things today, reviewing my life, especially the last two years. 
One of the items I've been thinking about is this blog.
Many of the people I started blogging with have either given it up altogether or just barely blog anymore. There are so many changes.
The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost...
Today the question occurred to me, do I want to keep blogging?
I've had the blogging without obligation button on this blog for ages and I've genuinely embraced the philosophy attached. I only post when I want to do so, and only about things I want to discuss in this public venue. Of late, that has not consisted of much.

This blog has functioned though, as the best and most complete journalling effort I've ever produced. I've gone archive diving for dates, or pictures, to recall the sequence in which events occurred or just to enjoy some fun moments in the past.

In the way of a New Year's resolution with a memorial for my mom, who was a serious journal keeper, I've decided to alter my Blogging Without Obligation approach.
Instead I am going to Blog With Intent.
I don't know exactly what that is going to look like, and how it will play out, but I like having this place to meet with friends and record my thoughts and my life. 

Sooo, Happy New Year, may we have more joys than sorrows in the days ahead.


lime said...

whether you blog without obligation or with intent i just selfishly want you to keep blogging. i am glad you intend to do so. two years. how can it be? and i emphatically echo your wish for the new year. hugs, my friend.

Anonymous said...

it's ur blog...do with it what you will. i know i'll be here until it disappears all together...and even after that.

actonbell said...


You obviously blog with purpose, since you've kept it as a journal for so long. It fulfills a need. And yes, the great blog-hub is gone, and other things may have become more popular or urgent, but Blogspot is still here, and I'm glad. I definitely enjoy coming by and hope you keep your blog:)

S said...

you know, it doesn't matter who reads your blog, its for you...thats how I feel anyway...its like a diary of the past few years...
so you should just post for you.

And hello to your mommy in heaven. Hugs.