Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea Cups and Kindred Souls

Mr. Logo loves me.
I know this because he got me this mug for Christmas.

Also, someone was being all artistic here (photo found online) and it reminded me of the poem below.

Coffee Spoons and Tea Cups
(A poetic  act of genius by Thing One)
Pancakes, eggs, sausage, and a cup of tea for breakfast,
Or rather, a bagel, cream cheese, and a slice of ham as I sprint for the bus.

Swirls of river water tug my fishing line,
But only in my mind.
Abrupt zipping of a neighboring backpack jerks me back
Like a small, feeble, trout
Flopping on a quickly reeling line.

Skillfully weaving in and out
Steering at high speed
On a John Deere tractor crawling around the yard.
Tracing ever spiraling circles of green
Frightening rabbits, terrifying squirrels,
Evicting insects, and trimming the grass.

Yes, let us all remember the magic in the mundane
In every act there is a rabbit hole,
In every dish to wash there is a golden lamp to rub.
For we decide to use Prufrock’s coffee spoon
Or the March Hare’s tea cup
To measure our days.


Anonymous said...

Librarians rock....thing one is on the road to impoverished artistic brilliance...

lime said...

mr logo has excellent taste in mugs. i want one. mug that is, not mr. logo. i figure there are unclaimed librarian mugs in the world but mr logo is one of a kind and well claimed. it would allow more magic in my day to have such a kickin' mug. but i can enjoy yours vicariously.