Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time flies when you're having fun.

Ten years ago right about this time the Things and I were just getting ready for their first school year in the United States.  Ariella was still just a puppy and Mr. Logo was over in the Gulf. My mom and dad lived not too far away and my sister was in Texas. We'd only just bought this house and so many things were different than they are today.
Nowadays Thing One is getting himself ready to head to college, Thing Two is in Grade 10, Mr. Logo is starting a new position further south, and I am in my final year of library school. Also, we are the latest owners of a 1989 Toyota Dolphin, it looks a bit like this.

Currently, Mr. Logo has it all ripped apart so he can renovate the interior. It's down to the fiberglass in places and it will have new fabic, flooring, and curtains too. Should be fun for taking little camping trips next year.
 We took it to the airport when we picked Thing Two up after his week-long trip to Spokane to visit my sister and her family. He was suitably shocked and amazed when I led him out of baggage claim and climbed into what he assumed at first was just some random camper. Tee hee, good times.


Kevin said...

I used to frequent your blog among many and took some hiatus. Without any physiological explanation, time certain does fly.

Best wishes!

Stephanie Faris said...

So cool. My mom and stepdad were RV-ers but gas got so expensive. I'd love to do something like that, but my husband doesn't want to drive one.

Bijoux said...

We know a couple who bought something like yours so they could travel the country watching their daughter play softball for an a Ivy League school. Much cheaper than hotels.