Thursday, November 23, 2006

In which we learn how much Logo loves coffee.

Several weeks ago I ran up a flight of stairs to a classroom with all the equipment I needed to teach; an enormous bag loaded with notebooks, textbooks, grapevine wreath crowns (it was a class about Ancient Greece and the Olympics), etc. etc etc.and a cup of coffee. Just as I got to the top of the stairs the edge of the bag caught on a step, my balance shifted, my foot hit the top step instead of clearing it and I went flying. As I sprawled across the landing I managed to break my fall on my elbows and knees in such a manner that I avoiding spilling my coffee, a feat of remarkable, if foolish, prowess.
Due to little incident where I walked out in front of a moving car quite some years ago my knees are hardly in good shape to start with and these sorts of shenanigans do not help. Weeks of babying the joint had paid off and it was feeling much better.
Today, courtesy of a turkey grease spill, I managed to pull a similar maneuver in my kitchen with a freshly made latte in a mug from Italy. The mug survived the fall without so much as a bump. Half the coffee unfortunately ended up splattered all over the walls, the window, the ceiling, the fridge, the counters, and on me. The other half stayed in the mug and was delicious.
I did not fare as well, though it was nothing that being waited on and medication couldn't handle.
Happy T day to you!


Anonymous said...

You sound like a closet acrobat. Hope you feel better (let them wait on you for a couple of days first.)

Anonymous said...

You call that a love of coffee? Go on! You like coffee. You don't love coffee.

I love coffee ... I would have had a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts open on the upper floor to ensure that accidents like this never happened. ;)

The Grunt said...

Germany: (10)

China: (9.0)

Russia: (9.5)

USA: (10)

France: (8.0)

S said...

I might have been as careful had I a diet coke in my hand!

I hope you are doing ok girl, here, have some darjeeling! Some people say it works wonders.


Kyahgirl said...

oh, these sound like very painful incidents! but, I too would sacrifice the body for the coffee :-)

Anonymous said...

Guest Judge (Juan Valdez): 13.2

That so reminds me of the commerical with the guy walking around his pristine home with is cup of coffee... trips and spills his java onto a very expensive looking tapestry... he immediately pulls it off the wall and starts wringing it out back into the cup where he can then finish drinking it...

Bravo, Logo!

Happy GobbleyGoo to you!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome skillz. My colleague spilled her Starbucks in front of me today while doing hand gestures. She needs lessons from you, the sensei

Logophile said...

Goldennib~ Acrobatics in a closet?? Are you trying to encourage me to injure myself? :p

Dan~ Someday I hope I can somehow be deemed worthy to compare my affection for coffee with your own.

Grunt~ Damn Frenchies!

Bare~ How about Dr. Pepper?

Kyahgirl~ Well done

Vera~ I LOVE that commercial! And thank you, thank you Juan.

Guggs~ The sensei of coffee clumsiness, that's me!

lime said...

egads woman! be
CAREFUL!!! i like my friends in one piece, not several!

Anonymous said...

After years of teaching the students to protect the video camera at all costs, I did it myself last year. Stupid pavement.

I've never done it for coffee, though. It's a lot cheaper to replace.

Sar said...

Alright, listen 'ere, Madame Logo. I've come to expect witty-post induced laughter around these here parts. But when it's at the expense of my SIS in curls, well I'm left conflicted!


HAHAHAHAHA! Hope you enjoyed your turkey day and are feeling better. :)