Sunday, November 26, 2006

Normal is a highly subjective term.

The other day while I was standing in the kitchen I received a call on my cell phone.
I answered the phone and heard a deep voice with a vaguely English accent saying,
"You're a maaaaaaarshmallow."
It was Thing One calling from the extension.
This may seem an odd term of endearment, and odd behavior, to some of you, but that just means it fits in around here.

A couple years ago I was sitting with a friend when Thing Two came running to me,
"Mom, he stole my love penny!"
My friend looked very puzzled, "Love penny??"
This required a historical background.
When Thing One was very small and would ask for money I would usually give him a penny,
"Alright, here, you can have this just because I love you."
Occasionally he would give me a penny for the same reason.
These came to be called love pennies. Nowadays, what with inflation and all, I occasionally get love nickels.
The theft of any money is a heinous crime, but to take a child's love penny seems especially egregious.
I actually have a love nickel sitting beside my computer monitor right now.
It's very reassuring, I am loved AND if I have a desperate need for a gumball, I am set.

Love can be shown all kinds of ways, and gloves are one of the best.
I hate having cold hands.
I've generally pretty warm blooded. I run around in a sweater when friends are in coats and I am just fine.
But I hate it when my hands are cold.
I don't care if I have doors held open for me.
I don't even notice if I end up walking on the traffic side of the sidewalk,
but gloves, now that will capture my little heart.
I received an absolutely fabulous pair of gloves from Mr. Logo when we were living in Italy.
They were picked right out of my pocket on a bus in Rome.
That was very upsetting to me.
But I digress.
The other thing I wanted to mention is...
on Friday I received something that made me feel quite loved.


lime said...

i need a love penny!!!!

and bare's pic is a little disturbing....

Anonymous said...

love penny's are good. I didn't know you could still get a gumball for less than a quarter!

That card is scary.

S said...

LMAO.....It's just a punk love heart, ladies, instead of an arrow- a dagger!

And yes, I do love you!

When Hannah was in Kindergarten, she came home and told us, "Hey mom, you know Abraham Lincoln's that guy on the penney!"

Ohhhh! Love pennies, too cute!

Sar said...

I love your love penny story, Lady Logo, and I've never seen a punk love heart before - cool!

Lots of lovin - can ya feel the love!

The Grunt said...

This is a lot like you saying I was being a diode, once. I loved this post and hope that the person who stole your gloves gets a bad case of hemorrhoids or something like that.

Anonymous said...


Can I have a love million? ;)

Cute tale.

Breazy said...

Logo I am sure that you and yours would fit in just perfect around here . My family and I have a complete different language sometimes and we can hold five conversations all at one time and still keep all the deets sorted . Isn't family great ! I love the story of the love penny . You have a great day!

CozyMama said...

love pennies - i think that is fantastic - i like it I really like it.

Anonymous said...

I have a penny to show you. I'd send it but that's not allowed. I will be emailing the pic.


S said...

Logo is having some power problems at her house, and we hope the electricity will be restored shortly......

In the meanwhile, don't get buried in snow, Logo dear.

Minka said...

I think the dea of a love penny is just too sweet.
I would have to make it a love Kronur though, and that just doesnæt sell, now does it?
I have to think of an Icleandic alternative:

love snowball
love icicle

this might take a while!

Kyahgirl said...

I have a thing for gloves too....yet another example of our twinness.
I think your gift from your friend is very, sweet :-)

better than the best beaver ever said...

hey baby

S said...

Now lookit how cool Kyah is! I didnt freak her out one bit!!
Still no power?????
You are supposed to be creating fabulous cyber birthday surprises for me, and 'sides, how can Mr Logo start his new job with all this snow and no electricity and all that?

S said...

Our lovely Logo has been without power since Sunday, I can smell her from here! So she cant post obviously or visit you all, but i'm here to tell you, until that child gets a bath, you dont want her within 60 yards of you!

HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding girl!

Logophile said...

I have the POWER!!
Going to take a bath now.
Post later

egan said...

She has power people!! The snow is gone and she once again has power.

Anonymous said...

You're a marshmallow! What a cute prank call that would make! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Marshmallow's are good; soft, sweet and tasty; D

Before I married my husband, I decided that I would only go through with it if I found 13 wheat pennies before the wedding. I found over 30.