Thursday, September 17, 2015

I love Seattle

So, today I got to spend some time downtown, a bit on my own and a bit with friends. I went to the library (of course) in my free time and then met friends at the Elliot Bay Book Company— actually, I walked there from the Central branch of SPL. It is a nice walk on a gorgeous day but mostly uphill so I was really glad to get a ride back down to Town Hall, which is where we were all going, after dinner, to see Brene Brown.

I love the Brene Brown even though she is a horrible person who tries to convince everyone be vulnerable and real with each other.  Some people just want to watch the world burn. My sister, the social worker, gave me her ticket to the event and so I got to go and hang out with her friends, the social worker Brene Brown groupies. They are the most emotionally supportive fan club EVAH.

As an awesome topper to the evening... I lost my debit card, just before we leave for a trip to Canada, brilliant timing, yes? Mr. Logo and I have accumulated 25 years of togetherness and we have decided the only possible way to celebrate the occasion is to flee the country. The traditional gift is silver I've been told but we both bought each other chocolate, because who the heck wants silver stuff someone will have to dust and polish when you can have delicious chocolatey goodness? Well, we each got that and an upcoming trip on the Victoria Clipper up to Vancouver Island where we will visit the Empress Hotel and have high tea.

Life is good.

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