Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's been 10 years

since this blog started. We've passed the actual anniversary.

Friday I visited the Pike Street to play tour guide with a friend and his new girlfriend and we went down to the waterfront as well. It was a fun if somewhat a test of my ability not to say things I am thinking. Our friend has 30+ years on his girl. So, ya know...

However, in less fun news, I also visited with an older gal who works in the library where I am the volunteer director. The previous director, an awesome lady, a great mentor, and one of the people whose glowing recommendation got me into the University of Washington library program, passed away two weeks ago. Jo was one of those precious people you just don't ever have enough of in life, and she will be sorely missed. I worked with her for a couple years but my friend worked with her for about 15 years and is really missing Jo. Raw grief is  just heart-wrenching.

Also this last week I interviewed for a job which might be nice to have. The location is a little far but the facility is amazing and the staff is fabulous. I also went to see a friend for some input and prep work for an upcoming job interview and teaching demonstration, AND got to see some of the people I worked with last year, who are lovely. I heard from my former boss and her boss that they have put in good words for me, so I am feeling REALLY really hopeful.

This week I decided to try immersing myself in popular culture by indulging in an total excess of TV watching to see if there are any new shows worth tracking. Here are my reviews so far...
The Muppet show, meh (it wasn't bad but it wasn't really that good either)
Heroes Reborn... hmmm (I am guardedly hopeful and intrigued)
Blind Spot, uh huh (I will probably watch another one)
Minority Report, eeeeeeh (maybe, I don't know)
How to Get Away With Murder, whu...? (I watched the whole last season, and she SOO deserved that Emmy, but I kinda have whiplash from the season 2 opener)

So there ya go!

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The Grunt said...

Happy Anniversary! I bet you thought I didn't care no more.