Monday, October 30, 2006

In which we discuss swap~o~rama, comics, cleaning and Polish contributions to global society

I would be the first to admit this makes perfect sense in light of the whole bird flocking thingee.
Speaking of thingees and birds, two quick asides that just occurred.
1.) The Things, who've recently watched the Beatle's movie Help! have taken to repeating this dialogue,
"Look out! It's a thingee, a fiendish thingee!"
This is apparently most useful when their parents have told them to pick something up.
2.) You know how when geese fly together in a V one side is always longer than the other.
Do you know why that is?
I do.
My dad told me.
There are more geese on that side.
Moving on, I have received more swapage!
This lovely piece of... clothing comes to us from Snav who got it from Lime.
And I present it to you here to ask for your assistance.

Some poor member of my family needs to model this work of art.
Cast your votes in the comments, should it be Thing One? Thing Two?
Or that freakest of all freaques, Mr. Logo?
I ALSO received from Susie Q a lovely little mini-mag.
It is a pretty cool little comic by an extremely talented artist.
It reminded me of a gift I received not too long ago.
A very kind blogger friend purchased this comic for me, hopefully not because he thinks of me a psychopathic killer or exceptionally nerdy but merely because I am from the northwest.
As a child I was frequently read a book called The Big Tidy Up.
It is no longer in print and I am unlikely to purchase this copy.
We do have the one read to my siblings and myself, it is not in great shape but my kids have enjoyed it and we recently passed it on to the younger cousins, the esteemed elder sisters munchkins.
It is one of those stories that we requested over and over, and so have my kids,
so the majority of the book is actually committed to memory.
"Jennifer knew as well as you
That everything had its place
but she just didn't care
a whit,
a bit,
so her room was a real disgrace."
As illustrated in the picture below,
repeated readings did noting to alleviate the problems in the room of Thing Two.
However, rhyming storybooks are not the only thing in my bag of tricks,
oooooh no.
There is also cajoling, bribing, threatening, crying, screaming, and ripping out chunks of my own hair (although someone has to clean THAT up later too, so I tend to think it's not the most pratical choice).
Interestingly enough, you see the effective approach before you.
Although, I had intended it as a threat he took it as a bribe.
I said I was going to take a pic of the mess and post it.
He asked if I would take one when he was done too.

So I did.

Who am I to argue with what works?

And one last item before I stop rambling.

In addition to their contributions in the arts, sciences, and ethnic jokes

the Polish should also be recognized for their pottery.

I found this at a kitchen shop and couldn't decide if it would work with my little set below.

How cute would that tea pot be with these, eh?

Good thing I don't collect tea pots, innit?

Alright, I'm done.

Oh, for those who were interested, I transcribed the text of my magnetic poetry

Flash Fiction 55 into the comment of the post below.


Nessa said...

I did eknee meany miney moo and Mr. Logo won.

The pottery is beautiful.

I laughat people who say they would never pay their children to do things. I saw, whatever works, works for me. Looks nice all straightened up.

S said...

Ok That shirt could only be made worse by taking a peek at the fabric content....100% polyester is my guess.
Second guess 100% nylon!

Does this mean I am gonna have to get that shirt too?

I want Mr Logo to model it...

Anonymous said...

Oi, I'm overstimulated by this post! Wow!

S said...

We can always count on Lime for a supply of tacky garments! :P

lime said...

oooh i like the pottery!

and susie, i really do NOT understand what you mean by THAT comment!:P

I do think the freakiest freak we know ought to model the shirt. most definitely!

G said...

I loved the whole post but I have to tell ya, the before and after of the Thing's room is impressive. I hope you rewarded him for that! Nicely Done Thing Two!

Nice pottery - it would totally work. Get the teapot at the very least.

Oh yeah - my vote is for Mr. Logo to model.

Stephanie said...

LOL!! I posted the shirt today too!!!

I think you should copy me! :D

Logophile said...

Goldennib~ One vote for Mr. Logo, noted, thank you. I am all for any motivation that works, as long as it is overt stuff, the guilt type manipulation I have a harder time justifying.

Susie~ Two votes for Mr.Logo, I think we can detect an early pattern. I don't know for sure what it is but definitely not a textile found in nature.

Cindra~ Sorry, I had just finished an enormous mug of tea and was listening to Social Distortion, its possible I was going to fast to filter well.

Susie~ We all have our special talents, eh?

Lime~ Three votes for Mr. Logo, yay! I rather like the pottery too, hmmm, might have to add that to my list of things I want. That Susie, how dare she say such things about you and your hideous clothing contributions to swap-o-rama!! The nerve!

G~ I was impressed too, such a very good Thing he is. You are right, I really do need at least the teapot. Four votes for Mr. Logo, I like the way things are shaping up here.

Snavy~ Great minds but with only a single thought between them. I'll see what I can do about that.

Anonymous said...

somehow, Mr. Logo in that shirt just seems like something we all NEED to see (that was me adding my vote to the mix)

gee... i wonder if you "clean up your room" technique would work for my son? (actually, i already know the answer to that, and it's "no". sigh)

as for the teapot? totally cute! and it would totally work. oh, and is there anything *wrong* with collecting teapots? i mean, some of 'em can be pretty darn cute (not that i would have any first hand knowledge of such things, mind you. nope. nary a clue.) xox

The Grunt said...

My vote is for Mr. Logo to be the model. He's dreamy! Seriously, you dress him all Ken doll and stuff. It will be silly fun.

Fiendish thingys!!!

Hobbes said...

I vote for Mr. Logo to wear the shirt, after he has grown his sideburns back and dyed them purple, as Pansi suggested.
Please stop showing off your kids' clean rooms! Have you no sensitivity to those of us whose house has never been clean since the arrival of Toyplayer?

Breazy said...

my 11yr old daughter has to clean her room as well . Instead of doing what I usually do which is everything you just mentioned , I simply told her no phone time , sleepovers , extra movie time .. more or less , if she doesn't get her room spotless by friday afternoon then she will do , get or see nada for the next two weeks . I love the pottery and I think it would look good with the tea set. I like different pieces when you put them together.

Seamus said...

I vote for you to model the shirt!!!

Kid's messy rooms? If our's wouldn't keep their's clean we'd simply shut the door. After a while they got tired of their own messiness and cleaned up so they could rejoin the household - worked!

Happy Halloween Logo!

Sar said...

Okay here are my votes. I nominate Thing Two to come out to VA to teach my girls a thing or two (heh heh) about cleaning their toys and books (their mom must come with to have tea with me while we wait), and I nominate fashion afficianado Mr. Logo to model the jacket.

Almost trick or treating time! Reeses, please lots of Reeses!

TLP said...

I vote for Mr. Logo. The shirt is way too big for the rest of you guys.

Fig said...

I had a dream last night that you and Mr. Logo bought a farm about an hour away from where I live. You had a huge moving party... there was a bonfire... and rides like a carnival. You were in the house making fresh apple juice and Mr. Logo was going around giving everyone elephant tracks... at least I think that's what they're called... those big round crisps with sugar... anyway... he was very proud of himself for making them.

...and that's it... it was fun. You guys really know how to throw a party!

Fred said...

My vote is for Mr. Logo. It'll be a classic.

Love the before and after pics of Thing Two's room. I may try that on D3; she might fall for it.