Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's TUESDAY again!

Are you ready for a lil trivia?
Ok, first,
Last week Neva and Idiot tied at 80, w00t.
At 70 we have VERA, way to go, girl.
Tied at 60 are Lime and Susie's clever cat, Oaty.
Next we see Thing One and Thing Two
enjoying the fruits of their NOT being a pain in the ass throughout a long day on the road.
I believe in rewarding positive behavior.
Alternately, I am, in the words of Mr. Logo, a "SPOILER!"
You say potato, I say patata (that's Italian).
Now here is THIS WEEK'S QUIZ.
For those of you who want to read a little more,
here is a fascinating little transformation that occurred.
See here, behind Thing Two, the monolithic structure holding the TV?
Now, see what Mr. Logo did to it?
Is that not nifty??
He used the bits and pieces of the armoire to make this stand.

It's so much cuter!

I am pleased. I will keep him around a while longer, he is sooo handy!


Nessa said...

I like that cabinet. The colors are great. Now, you hire out Thing One...do you also hire out Mr. Logo?

Anonymous said...

that really is a clever cabinet!

as for the quiz? oy... i suck. i'd like to blame my poor performance on the roof-repair guy and/or my demanding dogs... since both distracted me, but i think i just generally sucked. (missed a really easy one, too.) sigh. apparently this is my week to wear a dunce cap! xox

G said...

Hey those are some cute Things you've got there! Adorable boys really. And the TV stand - can you say "custom furniture"? Love it! Does Mr. Logo take orders or do online workshops? Keep em.

I'm going in for the quiz - what'd get Neva - a 70?

S said...

You have a lot of handy artsy fartsy types hanging around you, doncha?

Way to keep the manicure happening!

The Grunt said...

Nice cabinet. I'm not so sure I'm ready for another quiz from you. Maybe later.

Anonymous said...

Great pedestal for the boob tube. I love the colors!

Yay! Trivia day.

Yer boys are soooooo cute.

Breazy said...

YAY! I finally got the quiz to load . I made a 60 but hey , that is better than a 50! I loved the question about "they came from Denton High". Thanks for the fun Logo and you have a good day!

lime said...

i did very poorly this week....mr logo is indeed a very handy freaque in the box!

and the thing is a mastewrful shirt folder. how is he with fitted sheets?

egan said...

I love multi-colored tv stands and quizzes. Okay, maybe just the tv stand. What's up?

Nessa said...

Is there a prize for lowest score?

Logophile said...

Nessa~ He has on occasion mentioned I should hire him out because of his mad skillz. Since the medication kicked in though we hear that less.

Neva~ No dunce cap for you, and I am still totally blaming the roof guy, sheesh, can't a gal catch a break??

G~ I think they are cute Things too, but I think I might be biased, nice to have it confirmed! Neva DID get a 70, I think she just has heightened expectations, maybe we should have a word with her guidance counsellor. As for Mr. Logo, I can barely get him to take MY orders! :p

Susie~ I like the artistic, they are typically very sweet and oh, wait, that is austistic, never mind.

Grunty~ I will hold your hand if you get bad news, if that helps.

Cindra~ I am liking the TV stand too, now I just have to get him to pick up the wire be needs to hook my subwoofer back into the sound system, I miss my boom boom (tee hee) YAY trivia day! You kicked ASS! and thanks, I think they are cute too.

Breazy~ :p Glad you liked it and that the quiz co-operated with you.

Lime~ They are both handy to have around, I have not yet started him on sheets, I am not as picky about them as you are, so perhaps I should have him learn that from you.

Egan~ Quizzes are just the BEST, aren't they?? I LOVE them! Especially really obscure ones. TV stands too, love em. Mr. Logo has a job interview today, woo hooo

Goldennib~ You get points for participating, so really, you got a 60. Good job! I was told I am an obscure quiz maker, my apologies. You can always donate questions too, that is the best way to improve your score!:D

Seamus said...

There is a lot of "VALUE" to us handyfolk!
I once had a girlfriend's mom tell her not to marry a "handy-guy" 'cause she'd never get anything new!!! Warped!

Fig said...

THAT is the coolest tv stand! I need a Mr. Logo around here...

shall we start the bidding?

Logophile said...

Seamus~ I should do a post about some of the other cool things he has made, hmmmm. Handy-folk are definitely good to have around.

Lily~ He claims that in order for the bidding to reflect his true worth I should give more detail about some of his other talents, but I am not going to, use your imagination ;)

egan said...

So???? Any news?

C said...

Cool!! He is definitely a handy man! :) And nice paint job. I assume that's your work?

Logophile said...

Egan~ We should hear something on Friday, fingers crossed!

Candace~ He painted it too! He is definitely a keeper...for now

Just Tom said...

I think you should paint the wall lime green to set it off, then scatter some abstract expressionist paintings (or your kids early work)in vastly different sized, painted garage sale frames.

Then just lose the TV and replace it with a sculpture.

I guess my point is that that stand is worthy of greater things. Well done!