Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, honey!

For a guy who's a star!
Well, he is in my book anyway.
Here is a pic of him letting a dozen kids on a sugar high chase him with water balloons.

This year he also coached Little League, took his older son to Montana on his motorcycle, changed careers, and bought me a new motorcycle.

Here's to hoping it's an even better year that coming!


Seamus said...

Wow! It's his birthday and you get the new bike!!!! LOL

Happy Birthday Mr. Logo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Logo. There is no better man than one who takes care of the improtant things with his children.

lime said...

Happy birthday Mr. Logo! here's to many many more! what a guy! i want to know if he gives lessons....

S said...

So you're a Sag, huh, Mr L? I knew there was something I really really liked about you! (Besides all the other stuff, that is!)


Have a wonderful birthday MR L!!!!!

OK Lookit this word veri:
Blair spelled sideways, sort of!

The Grunt said...

Happy Birthday!!! We've heard so much about you, Mr. Logo, and wonder how you put up with your wife's crazy antics. We are grateful that you do.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. LogoBogo!

Breazy said...

LOL! I should have chose jeans instead of the pink jacket but it looked so well on him! Happy Birthday Mr. Logo!!!

egan said...

Hope birthday Mr. Logo. I hope the new job is treating you as well as those hip sunglasses of yours.

Fred said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Logo!

Throw away those glasses. Now.