Saturday, October 01, 2005

101 things about me

1. I am black.
2. I am frequently discriminated against because of my race, or species, or something.
3. I don't have fur.
4. I have hair.
5. This means I don't shed
6. I have some cat-like tendencies.
7. I like to perch in the window sill.
8. I will chase rope toys if they are dragged along the ground in front of me.
9. I like to weave between people's legs.
10. I like stuffed animals
11. I have a squeaky octopus
12. I had squeaky motorcycle
13. I shredded it
14. I have a large white teddy bear
15. I like to steal the stuffed animals of the children
16. This annoys them
17. They don't realize how much I enjoy annoying them
18. I like taking the seat of the alpha female
19. Especially the computer chair
20. I like sleeping on the alpha male's pillow.
21. They don't like that so much.
22. I don't care.
23. I am ever so slightly clumsy.
24. I trip on stairs occasionally
25. I trip on nothing at all sometimes
26. I have been known to bump into stationary objects.
27. With my head
28. I like to lie on clean laundry.
29. I like to nibble ears.
30. I like to chase deer
31. I like to chase rabbits
32. I don't mind cats
33. The alpha male encourages me to chase them
34. The alpha female strong discourages this.
35. I like to cuddle
36. I am a little bit afraid of horses
37. I really like the brown lab next door
38. He isn't my type though
39. We are just friends
40. He is a little too bossy for my tastes.
41. But I do want a boyfriend
42. However, I am "fixed"
43. THAT is the twisted human way of saying they RIPPED OUT my sex organs!!
44. That is some sick behavior right there, using a euphemism like that.
45. I like to pull hair
46. I especially like to pull pony tails
47. I love riding in the car
48. I love being where ever the people are.
49. I love being the center of attention.
50. I am far less sarcastic in real life.
51. I hate taking baths.
52. This has not stopped me from hopping into the tub with various family members uninvited.
53. To display my lack of joy for the bathing I ensure the bather is as miserable as the bathee.
54. I don't mind my hair cuts as much, but they take a long time.
55. I don't care for the nail clipping
56. I do approve of the petting and cooing and treat giving that the grooming results in.
57. I like American cheese
58. I like watching TV
59. I think I DO belong on the bed all the time
60. I would rather play with other dogs than have treats
61. I think lamb lungs are the best treat ever
62 I "talk" alot
63 My people are only so-so at figuring out what I want
64 They think I am spoiled
65 I am not as spoiled as I could be
66 I can't see why I shouldn't jump on people.
67 I weigh forty pounds
68 I am 20 inches tall at my shoulders
69 I eat twice a day
70 Sometimes I get snacks off kids
71 We try to be sneaky about that
72 It hardly ever works
73 I have snitched stuff off the counter before
74 The reaction was very unpleasant
75 My breed is prone to the same eye problem President Kennedy had
76 Some members of my breed also get their groove thang on like President Kennedy
77 I am a wavy haired water dog, not curly like my uncle Pilot
78 If I don't get brushed every couple days when my hair is long I get mats
79 I love the smell of chocolate
80 I love chasing my tail
81 After I catch it, I still spin in circles
82 I have a whole basket full of toys
83 I would still rather steal toys from the kids
84 I think Star Wars figures are especially tasty
85 I wear a purple collar
86 I have a lil heart shaped tag with my address on it
87 I am also microchipped
88 I am prone to urinary tract infections
89 I take a cranberry extract supplement to prevent them
90 They give it to me in American cheese
91 I think turkey necks are a fabulous delicacy
92 I also love bananas
93 I have a tendency to pace
94 I also like to lick my personal areas
95 I especially like to do that right next to the people when they are watching TV or reading
96 I have a deep and unreasonable fear of the vacuum cleaner
97 Yes, I know that it is unreasonable, I said that, just consider it part of my charm
98 I love going to PetCo
99 I like the taste of wicker
100 I hate going in the kennel when the people leave
101 I love blogging


snavy said...

37. I really like the brown lab next door
38. He isn't my type though
39. We are just friends

LMAO!! Ariella - you are the coolest little pup!!

Ariella said...

Aw, thanks, you are so sweet.

P.S. ok, as if it were not hard enough to type with the teeny lil keys do the word veris HAVE to be illegible and so incredibly looooooong?!?!
Not that this is in any way YOUR fault, Snav, just an observation.
Here we go for the third try...

logo said...

I have not got my own site to post this, but have been asked three times now to do it, so here...
serves you right, those of you who asked.
1 I am 34
2 I was born on Whidbey Island, WA
3 My dad was in the military
4 My mom was a registered nurse
5 I have an older sister, three years older
6 I have a younger brother
7 I have middle child sydrome
8 I married an ony child
9 I have a nine year old son
10 I have a six year old son
11 I have lived in seven different places
12 Three of those places were in Washington state
13 Two of those places were in Europe
14 I have only owned one American made vehicle
15 I have owned two Renaults, one BMW, one VW, two Subarus, one Toyota, and one Honda
16 I currently drive a Toyota mini-van and a Honda motorcycle
17 I like the motorcycle more
18 I want a Yamaha V Star Classic 1100
19 I always wear protective gear, even for short rides in my neighborhood
20 I have a deep fear of road rash
21 I have had road rash
22 It hurt, but not as much as the accompanying injuries
23 I walked in front of a car going about 35 mph
24 I spent two weeks in the hospital
25 I didn't walk for a year
26 I am now I safety nazi
27 I still plan to go sky diving
28 I hardly ever wear a watch, or any jewelry
29 I drink alot of tea
30 I also drink coffee
31 I am an information junkie
32 I love learning new things
33 I do alot of reading
34 I am currently reading Eats, shoots and Leaves, which is a whole book about punctuation
45 I am also reading Terror in the Name of God
46 I am also reading Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim
47 I am also reading The Day I Turned Uncool
48 I am also reading Remembering Laughter
49 I am also reading Warrior in the Shadows
50 I already bought the next book I am going to read
51 I want to read What If?
52 I bought it for my dad for his birthday so I could borrow it
53 I am also reading a couple books with each of my kids
54 I spend alot of time on line
55 I don't want much TV
56 I fix our computer issues, do the appliance prgramming and get called on to assist family member but refuse to regard myself as a techie, or geek or whatever.
57 This is mostly because I know some actual techheads and I am nowhere near their level of expertise...or geekiness
58 I have voted in every election since I turned 18
59 My choice for president only made it to office once
60 I am left handed
61 I am 5'5 tall
62 I started chatting online in 1996
63 My first online friend was from New Zealand
64 I did a minor renovation of my kids' bathroom last summer
65 I did wiring and replaced moulding and the vanity myself
66 I faux finished the floor to look like pebbles
67 I have two NPR stations preset in my car
68 I have never watched an entire episode of Gilligan's Island or The Brady Bunch
69 I love cuddling up with my babies first thing in the morning when they are still sleepy and willing to be still and feeling their warm skin and holding them
70 I own 10 pairs of jeans and one dress.
71 I didn't realize how good red wine could be until I lived in Italy
72 I was born on a Thursday, so was my husband and both my kids
73 When I was about three my sister broke four fingers on my right hand by shutting them in a door hinge
74 About a week after the cast came off my mom shut them in the car trunk
75 I have had my left cornea scratched twice (ages 9 and 11)
76 I looked dashing in an eye patch
77 I detached the muscle in my shoulder when I was 10, I was in a sling for 6 weeks (Pledge on floor, add socks and high velocity)
78 I broke my left thumb when I was 14, playing Capture the Flag
79 I am ever so slightly clumsy
80 I fidget...alot
81 I have great patience with kids and animals, less with adults, and next to none for inanimate objects
82 I don't have a poker face
83 I love playing trivia games
84 I have been married 15 years
85 I love being married, and I love him
86 I learned Greek when I lived in Greece
87 I learned Italian when I lived in Italy
88 I can't really speak either of them anymore
89 I used to do some ASL interpretation
90 I haven't really used it in years, I probably couldn't even sign a complete convo these days
91 I don't get to spend enough time by myself
92 I forget birthdays, anniversaries and appointments
93 I can't remember phone numbers
94 I find zoos depressing
95 I can't knit, crochet, or sew. I don't cook and I hate shopping
96 I do enjoy decorating
97 I know how to change tires, oil, oil filters, air filters, and how to clean and gap spark plugs or replace them
98 I would rather have someone else do it
99 I don't have a visble birthmark
100 I rarely know what the date is
101 I have a magic eight ball

lime said...

you are quite the intriguing pup. would it console youto know my hubby has been fixed? (ok, organs not ripped out, just sniped:P )

lime said...

if i cook and sew and crochet for you, will you come decorate for me?

logo said...

I will decorate for you for a mere pot holder
just cuz I likes ya