Friday, October 21, 2005

Stuff Portraits

Today, Kristine over at suggested we show off :

1.) A tacky vacation photo OK, I have a confession to make. I live with non-picture-taking people. They intend to take pictures, they like to take pictures, they even bring cameras with them when we go places. When we return they look at each other and say, "Darn it, we forgot to take any pictures!!" So I present for your viewing pleasure a picture in Venice. The AF is the guy in the middle of the bridge you can's really see.

2.) Something one of the kids made. This is something the elder kid made when he was seven. While reading a book about whales the lil artiste was inspired. He traced and painted these by himself, the only assistance was to cut the poster board as he couldn't quite manage that solo. He had seen a mobile over a baby's crib and wanted to make one himself.

3.) My brushes

I'm a playah, are you playah?
Let us know, we'll come gawk at your stuff!


The Village Idiot said...

my my what a nice collection of stuff, what a lovely bridge with someone on it i can not really see

hemlock said...

I continue to be amazed by your picture taking prowess. Very nice for someone without opposable thumbs.

Tammy said...

Oh, Venice. I am So. Very. Jealous.

What great pics!

barefoot_mistress said...

Ariella, You went to Venice?

Happt SPF!

snavy said...

LOL!! I love your pics and your grooming gear!! Happy SPF!!

-xtessa- said...

LOL on the brushes!!!

Kristina said...

those brushes look like they get the job done!! the mobile is beautifule and im so jealous i wana go to venice

lula said...

Playah? You mean, no, you can't mean that those brushes are used as kinky sex toys. But maybe...

Caroline said...

Did you really go to Venice? I'm jealous.

You've got more grooming brushes then my pups.

lime said...

gorgeous pic of venice!

cool artistic kid ya got there

Ariella said...

Idiot~ He is a lovely man on a lovely bridge, which would be better able to appreciate if the AF had been in possession of the camera longer than 6 hours at this point.

Leafgirl~ I have a shadow photographer, sssshhhhh

Tammy, Barefoot, Kristina, Caro~
The AF and AM went without me, and without the kids too, so selfish.

As to the hairbrushes, yes, I have a couple; however, I would gladly give them away.

Lula~ Noooooo, silly! I am a SPF playah, that is why I posted the pics.

Random and Odd said...


No picture takin' family? throat just closed!!


Okay, we are going to cure you of this !!

You will have to play EVERY week for 5 weeks and then you'll be cured!!

Anonymous said...

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