Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A little info from the dog of my dreams.

My darling posted a response to my list of twenty things about me and told me twenty things about himself.
I just wanted to make sure you all got a chance to see them for yourself.
Isn't he fabulous?

From Your Golden Boy

1)I am almost three
2) Tug-o-war is fun, I can drag the little one all over the place but, I am a retriever after all...wheres the ball!
4)Furniture over the floor, definitely
5)I shed...but I look good doing it
6)I supplement too, with anything that falls to the floor
7)I tip the scales at about 110 lbs and am 28 inches at the shoulder
8) I am tall enough to rest my head on the kitchen table
9) I love meeting new people and dogs too!
10) Favorite seats..Living Room couch and the AM & AFs bed
11)Leashes..we don't need no steenking leashes!
12) WaterWaterWater
13)I enjoy trying to go between small children's legs to knock them over and wrestle
14)I welcome people by doing the "Golden Lean" or, the flop on your back and wait till they scratch your belly
15) I can get the kidlets to feed me a whole box of dog treats
16) When I do, i get the runs, but its worth it!
17) I once ate 4 raw chicken breasts off the counter
18) My people were less than pleased
19)I try to get onto the AM's side of the bed...before he does...
20) I have taken to waking the AM and AF by resting my head on the bed and sneezing in their face


Tom & Icy said...

Wow! What a hunk!

DaMasta said...

#20. That's how Quesa wakes me up.

barefoot_mistress said...


lime said...

i can see why you are smitten

bsoholic said...

LOL, the 'golden lean' - clever!

Jodes said...

Good to know - my dog once ate a cooling loaf of banana bread, boy was I pissed.

The Village Idiot said...

That is one good looking dog!!!

mireille said...

Good lookin' guy. I mean, he's not me, but if that's who your soulmate is, what you gonna do? *slurp!* xoxo Bucky

Ariella said...

Aw Bucky,
You are so sweet, and so handsome!
Wish I'd met you a couple weeks ago, but my heart is no longer mine to give.