Sunday, October 16, 2005

Weirsdo tagged me, here are my 20 facts

Weirsdo of tagged me to do twenty facts about myself.
Thanks for the tag, Weirsdo!

1. I am one and a half years old, that makes me a canine adolescent.
2. I love to play tug o' war but I tend to think retrieving balls is pointless, my people just throw them away again.
3. I, like a couple other members of this family, have no concept of time.
4. I prefer lying on funiture to lying on the floor.
5. I have hair not fur, so I don't shed like many breeds.
6. I take an herbal supplement daily, there is no substitute for good health.
7. I weigh 40.8 pounds and am 20.4 inches tall at the shoulders.
8. I am tall enough to snitch things off the kitchen counter.
9. I love meeting new people and dogs.
10. My two favorite seats in the house are the computer chair and the window sill
11. I like the stores that welcome pets, unfortunately they do require leashes.
12. I love going to the state park, especially the local one where I can swim.
13. I enjoy pulling hair, especially pony tails.
14. When I welcome my people home I have a tendency to "mouth" them.
15. They call it "biting", and discourage it.
16. My favorite way to wake up the kids is to stick my cold, wet nose right in their ears, it is singularly effective.
17. I have recently begun sleeping on the alpha female's feet, she is less enthused about this honor than one might reasonably expect.
18. I can make it to the neighbor's backyard in less than one minute when left unattended.
19. I hate the vacuum and my kennel.
20. I am feeling much better today and am very thankful for all your well wishes. I think it was just a reaction to my vaccinations.
If you haven't done one of these yet...consider yourself tagged!


schnoodlepooh said...

Wow, Ariella, those are wonderful facts about you. You are certainly a unique dog and it sounds like you have a pretty good life! I think that Bailey and Baxter will have to play this tag game with you next!

Ariella said...

I will hop over and read yours.
We blogging dogs have to stick together.

bsoholic said...

Glad your feeling better! Those deer might of had a day off, but now its time to scare them again!

mireille said...

Glad you feel better, A. xoxo, B.

barefoot_mistress said...

I cant hear youoooooo!!!!

Oaty said...'s Meow Monday....tap tap tap????? I'm sharpening my claws....

Ariella said...

give a gal a minute!!
I'm working on it, I'm working on it!!

Kyahgirl said...

Oh my, I see why Bucky is enamored! You are a beauty, and so very interesting!!!

We almost got a PWD but there are so few here and they all seem to have Addison's disease. such a shame. But, Ariella, you would love Casper. He's the same age as you and loves to play too.

Nice to meet you :-)

lime said...

glad ariella feels better. nice list. what a dog!

The Golden Boy said...

From Your Golden Boy

1) I am almost three
2) Tug-o-war is fun, I can drag the little one all over the place
but, I am a retriever after all,,,wheres the ball!
4)Furniture over the floor, definately
5)I shed...but i look good doing it
6)I supplement too, with anything that falls to the floor
7)I tip the scales at about 110 lbs and am 28 inches at the shoulder
8) I am tall enough to rest my head on the kitchen table
9) I love meeting new people and dogs too!
10) Favorite seats..Living Room couch and the AM & AFs bed
11)Leashes..we don't need no steenking leashes!
12) WaterWaterWater
13)I enjoy trying to go between small childresn legs to knock them over and wrestle
14)I welcome people by doing the "Golden Lean" or, the flop on your back and wait till they scratch your belly
15) I can get the kidlets to feed me a whole box of dog treats
16) When I do, i get the runs, but its worth it!
17) I once ate 4 raw chicken breasts off the counter
18) My people were less than pleased
19)I try to get onto the AM's side of the bed...before he does...
20) I have taken to waking the AM and AF by resting my head on the bed and sneezing in their face

Ariella said...

isn't he dreamy~

Oaty said...

MEEEEEYOOOWWWWWWW MONDAY? Does that mean anything to you???

weirsdo said...

Thanks for playing, Ariella. I like your attitude toward life: you expect it to deliver. Sorry I did not get over before.
And thanks for the link. I'm reciprocating.

Ariella said...

kyah girl~ Thanks so much for the compliment and for coming over to see me. Your Casper is quite the cutie! Not many cases of Addison's in my family, but some are prone to it, and some hips issues too.
Lovely to meet you as well!

Weirsdo~ Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, right?
Found your bio quite interesting, and the origins of your characters, good stuff.
Glad to see you are still popping in from time to time