Monday, October 10, 2005

Meow Monday

I have previously mentioned my great esteem for the felines among us.
I may have spoken prematurely.
My AF has bribed me into allowing a cat to have a weekly commentary on my blog. I don't know why she doesn't just get her OWN blog, but be that as it may.

I present to you now...Oaty (That bribe had better be a fricking T-bone)

"Hello, some of you have already met me on Susie's blog. I am her cat, Oaty. Everyone knows cats are superior to dogs, so now I get my own weekly column on this stinky dog blog.
Among other features of this column, I will continue to point out feline superiority.
Today's point is: 1. Cats are superior hunters......I don't just bring in puny little mice or frogs, I go for the major meat here, as you can see in this photo.
Sheesh! I even have to hunt for the stupid old dog that lives in MY house..
I kill em, she eats you can see, I AM superior, MEOWWWW


barefoot_mistress said...

LMAO! God job Oaty on your premiere appearance! Don't forget to catch a giant rodent for Ariella for letting you on the blog!

Fred said...

Only one t-bone? Heck, start out at five and see how many you can get!

Oaty - at least you can make fun of that name! :)

bsoholic said...

My cat Kiki read this column and asked me to say YOU ROCK Oaty! She's been waiting patiently for the feline view to be stated on the net.

M. C. Pearson said...

LOL~ I jumped over from Fred's blog. Sorry Oaty, I'm allergic to two dogs bark a happy AMEN.

Ariella said...

Fred, M.C. - so nice to see there are people who appreciate the level of my forebearance in this endevour.
BS- I do hope you will continue to check in on the other days of the week when only the canine view with be represented on the main page...and without stooping to crass insults, I might add.
Barefoot- Your bias is noted, and while somewhat excusable, in light of your relationship with the commentator, I cannot help but think you might advise your pet to temper her language when she is invited as a guest speaker. Whether or not she is clever enough or well mannered enough to appreciate and take such advice remains to be seen.

Tom & Icy said...

Ewwwww! Meowwww! Woof! Woof! Cats poop under the bed!

Oaty said...

I never poop under the bed! Meyowwwwww is bad language? :D
Remember, Kiki said that I rock!
Perhaps Kiki would like to join me in the column next week?

The Village Idiot said...

I must say, my dog has never treated the family to the amazing site of catching a bird and then proceeding to eat it in front of the living room window, for the whole family to watch.....Im not sure if thats superior or something else. And I am also thankful that our dog has not caught a humming bird and brought the live beast into the house...that was interresting!

Ariella said...

Icy~ thank you for your support.
Idiot~ I agree some of the behavior of the felines among defies description or comprehension.
For a related convo see

weirsdo said...

I have never seen a dog perform a chipmunk ballet, using a recently deceased chipmunk as a a partner, the way our cats have, but I take that to be yet another evidence of feline superiority. You go, Oaty!