Monday, October 03, 2005

A little something for the ladies...and the men

Just to affirm what we all know already, I submit for your perusal a list, or two.

Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Men
10. Dogs don't feel threatened by your intelligence.
9. Dogs are already in touch with their inner puppies.
8. Dogs are very direct about wanting to go out.
7. Dogs think you are a culinary genius.
6. You can house train a dog.
5. Dogs feel guilt when they've done something wrong.
4. Middle-aged dogs don't feel the need to abandon you for a younger owner.
3. Dogs mean it when they kiss you.
2. Dogs don't care whether or not you shave your legs.
1. Dogs obsess about you as much as you obsess about them.

The Top Ten Reasons Why a Dog Is Better than a Woman.
10. A dog's parents will never visit you.
9. A dog loves you when you leave your clothes on the floor.
8. A dog limits its time in the bathroom to a quick drink.
7. A dog never expects you to telephone.
6. A dog will not get mad at you if you forget its birthday.
5. A dog does not care about the previous dogs in your life.
4. A dog does not get mad at you if you pet another dog.
3. A dog never expects flowers on Valentine's Day.
2. The later you are, the happier a dog is to see you.
1. A dog does not shop.


DaMasta said...

..And a dog knows that when you're sad, the only thing you want is someone to cuddle you.

Great lists! Funny! And thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back anytime!

lime said...

cani trade the hubby for a dog?

barefoot_mistress said...

Meeeyoooooowwwww!!!!! Ahem, dogs are better than who?
Love, Oaty

bsoholic said...

LOL! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

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