Monday, October 24, 2005

Neener neener neener
Our guest commentator failed to submit a post so it is PORTY TIME!!

Here we see two Porties who do water work, or water trials.
The one right is a curly haired PWD,
the one on the left is wavy, like me!
Aren't they clever and beautiful?
Family trait

Just as the Studebaker is the bear's natural habitat the luxury yacht is the true home of the Porty.
Notice please the uncommon and, to my taste, slightly overdone white PWD.
I mean, heeeeellooooo, Labor Day is long since come and gone!!!
Nevertheless, a dashing pair.


Fred said...

Guest bloggers aren't as dependable as they used to be.

Oaty said...

That one PWD in the middle looks more like a PORTLY to me! Meeeyowwww!
Sorry, no guest commentary today, I've just received my first ever little can of wet cat food from my AF, and I am passed out on the couch after scarfing it down!
Have a good, cat free day, Ariella! Love, Oaty

snavy said...

Ok - I soooo read that as POTTY TIME!! LOL!

Ariella - you are a beautiful breed!

bsoholic said...

It is hard to find good help these days. If you want something done right...yada yada yada. ;)

Good looking friends you got there. The yatch is quite becoming of them too.

DaMasta said...


mireille said...

Nice yacht, A. I've been known to do some cruising, myself. heh. xoxo, B.

Breazy said...

beautiful friends and a luxury yacht , all in one day! LOL! I like the pics! :)

lime said...

black is so classic and slimming too

lula said...

So cute. I didn't used to like dogs at all, but you guys are winning me over.

Ariella said...

Fred~ how right you are! And welcome back, you were missed.

oaty~ I understand the imperatives places on one by food. All is forgiven.

Snav~ You ain't so bad yourself there, sugar!

BS~ Who doesn't look better sitting on a yacht?

Bucky~ A dog as fine as you can cruise by here anytime!

Breazy~ Thanks, good friends are fab anywhere you find them!

Lula~ Resistance is futile, you will be appreciative
Once you warm up you are quite alright yourself!

Damasta~ ooooooooo, so nice, eh?

Ariella said...

oooh Lime! I almost missed you.
Trust you to understand the essential element, yes, white is fine, but black, aaah, how could it be better?