Wednesday, October 26, 2005


As per a suggestion from Lime (unintentional though it may have been) we shall celebrate Hump Day with a
"Whose leg would you like to hump?" questionaire.
*Please limit your answers to ten or less (some people are at work and don't have time to go google EVERYONE you drool over).
*If your victims are not public figures, please provide some details, background information, or telephone numbers, as appropriate.
*Let us know if you are listing in order of desireability, or what.

MY LIST, Alphabetically
(I am hoping my friends and their people don't mind the pics, if so e-mail, I am happy to remove.)

This is Bucky.
He is a handsome local Seattle stud. He has that rakish charm thing going to the max, doesn't he?
I think he might be bad boy....

This is Casper, the Canadian stud muffin.
He is a younger man but is totally working that preppy look.
Ebony and ivory, I can see it, can't you?

And last, but far from least, we have my GOLDEN boy.
This is an action shot. Look at that loping stride, he is all muscley and intent on his task. Gives me shivers.

There's my list, who made yours?


Breazy said...

First up would be Matthew McConnaughey , mmmmm!
Now I am blushing again! Happy Hump Day to you Ariella ! Have a good one and get lots of humping in ! :)

lime said...

LMAO!!!! i so love that i inspired you, ariella

ok, my list
mel gibson
george clooney
adam beach ( he was in 'dances with wolves' and 'smoke signals')
hugh jackman
the new guy at my chiropractor's office.....i think i have a crick in my neck...yeah, right lower...lower......hehehe

barefoot_mistress said...

Ariella, you have very good taste in "men".....good luck!

Sure, there are men i'd like to hump. but I'm not tellin!

Word veri: mlrubb

male rubb!!!! Woo hoo

DaMasta said...

In order of Least Resistance:

1)Massage Guy. Those hands are pure magic.
2)Married IT Guy. A 27 yr old hottie with a good sense of humor and straight teeth.
3)Studly Buyer Dude. The bald head and goatee turn me on.
4)Even Studlier Real Estate Dude. Bouncy hair, bright smile, and looks like the cover page for GQ.
5)Roger Clemens' son. Studly, athletic, and just landed a probaseball deal. Don't know if he's married, but worth a shot.
6)Roger Clemens. Forget for a sec that he's married. He lives in my home town for cryin' out loud! How easy would that be!?
7)Zach Braff. Won't be easy, but completely worth it if accomplished.
8)Patrick Dempsey. Will probably cause problems between me and Zach Braff because they are both fake doctors on competing networks.
9)Johnny Depp. Married and a recluse. This might be harder than I imagined. Pass me those dark shades and some funky clothes.
10)Christopher Knight. From the popular Brady Bunch, and even more popular My Fair Brady. Ah, but he's a reality star - it will never work out.

snavy said...
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snavy said...

Well, as per my blog on Sunday night, I have 1 & 2.
1. Adrian Pasdar
2. Jerry O'Connel
3. Julian McMahon - Nip/Tuck
4. Don - no last name cuz he's real and made a pass at me this summer - melting now!
5. E - mystery man, total hottie

I feel like I should grab a notebook and write "Steph hearts Don - TLF" in a big heart and giggle a lot!!

Thomcat said...

1. Duchess - i loved her in Aristocats ... purrrrr

2. i used to have a thing for hello kitty ... but that must have been kitty love ...

3. Lee Merriweather (original cat woman)

4. hello kitty's twin sister ... mimi

5. sonia - heathcliff's girlfriend ... sorry bro !

The Village Idiot said...

Legs I would like to hump

1) That leg/lamp combo in that classic Christmas Comedy, A Christmas Story

2) Liza Minelli?? no wait...

3) Audrey Hepburn...thats what I meant

4) And Raquel Welch...but she has to wear the fur bikini from 2 million bc

mireille said...

hey baby, thanks for including me on the list -- and the nice words. You sure make MY list. grrrrrrrrrrrrr. xoxo, Bucky.
p.s. my Beta woke me up this morning with the news of me being Sexiest Dog In Puget Sound) (well, I am, really). Thanks for making her so happy. xoxo,B.

weirsdo said...

It's scary that my daughter, a musician friend who happens to be gay, and I all have the same one: Orlannnndo Blooooom.

Ariella said...

Breazy~ Great choice!

Lime~ Well, that sounds good, and it is always good to have a dr you can relax (melt) with

Barefoot~ Spoilsport!

Damasta~ I like that list, and the order you put them in.

Snav~hee hee "Steph hearts Don", too funny.

Thom~ I can't see that, being the other species and gender, but you go with your bad cat self!

Idiot~ Your first choice is priceless, and be careful! It is Italian, heh heh heh

Bucky~ You sexy PNW stud, how could I make a list like this and not have you on it??

Weirsdo~ Ooooo, you all have made a good choice there, Bloom is elvilicious!