Monday, October 17, 2005

And now back to our regularly scheduled dog blog.

Here are my children learning new and interesting things.
The children are, of course, incredibly clever and hard working, they always pick up after themselves and never forget to brush their teeth...

While they did their maths and language arts I did a little exercise myself, words to describe my beloved golden.

athletic, amusing
blithe, boisterous
comfortable, clumsy
decent, darling
energetic, eloquent
fun, friendly
goofy, good natured
helpful, humorous
impulsive, intelligent
jocose, juvenile
kind, keen
likeable, lively
mannerly, mature
nonchalant, naughty
obedient, observant
playful, provocative
quick, quality
ravishing, remarkable
sweet, sanguine
tasty, temerarious
understanding, unusual
vibrant, voracious
warm, wonderful
I left off X,Y, and Z


barefoot_mistress said...

You got it bad, Ariella!

snavy said...

Girl - you are smitten!! I feel for you!

Tom & Icy said...

You could really teach those humans a thing or two!

schnoodlepooh said...

Wow, that's a pretty good vocabulary for a curly haired dog. You must be really smart (and in love). ***sigh***

bsoholic said...

Love is in the air.... heeheehee