Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another day out

This afternoon the alpha female loaded us all up into what she calls the family-mobile and off we went, all buckled into our respective passenger safety devices. I enjoy the road trips so I was quite excited about another thrilling adventure.

THIS is where she stopped, can you say bait-and-switch, neighbor?
This has been the site of some good times and some really bad times, such as the removal of my internal organs!!
They do; however, have kick-ass treats and there are always lots of interesting things going on in the waiting room so I decided to look on the bright side. After all, they can only spay you once, I had nothing left to lose, literally.

This is Vivian, the bulldog I met in the waiting room. Vivian has been having an allergic reaction and has itchy patches of skin, eow!

She and I got to know each other a bit in the 45 minutes we spent waiting, some dumb pekingese got himself punted down a flight of stairs and was in need of emergency care.
We managed to entertain ourselves.

When I finally got in to see the vet she gave me the aforementioned treats (I hate to sound like scooby, but I am telling you, these things are like crack for canines).
She oooh-ed and aaaaah-ed and THEN...

she stuck me in the ASS with a NEEDLE!



Your ambivalence about the vet is typical dog waffle. There is a special place in Captist Hell for those inhumans!

Oaty said...

You got a shot, hahahahahahahaha!

schnoodlepooh said...

You crack me up! I can't believe those vets. Why do they do that - one minute they're giving you treats and the next minute it's torture. Life is unfair and hard to understand! I'm sure glad that you take your camera everywhere you go. You have such an interesting life!

lime said...

vivian looks so sad. sorry about the needle in yer ass

Jodes said...

your a riot!!! Who knew a dog's blog could be so entertaining, I will return.

Ariella said...

CHRISTOPHER~ thanks for stopping by, we don't get enough deities dropping in.

Oaty~ Your turn is coming, just you wait!

Schnoodle~ I am so glad you enjoy my pictures!

Lime~ thanks, you are a kind soul.

Jodes~ Thanks! Glad the tales of my life can bring joy to others, I am a giver, really