Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This is one of the nosy deer who frequent my yard.
Here you can see the deer inspecting the contents of the family room through the window. The sad thing here, the humans think this is cute.

Here are the children watching the deer leave.
They are so taken in by the "Oooooo, I am soooo cute and regal" act they are actually using binoculars to watch the stupid thing LEAVE.


Tom & Icy said...

I've never seen one of them in real life. You got a nice place to live! Woof!

bsoholic said...

You better chase that thing off!

barefoot_mistress said...

If that deer stuck his nose in my window, I'd slash it for sure!
Dont they know anything about territory?

Love, Oaty

Fred said...

Animals think humans are stupid. Humans think animals are stupid.

It all balances out. :)

lime said...

i'll send my oldest daughter over, she'll shoot em. venison is tasty eatin'. she has filled our freezer the last two winters

snavy said...

My parent's have a ton of deer hanging around their house. Rey (their dog) is not pleased about it.

My dad has named them all and buys them apples. Rey does not appreciate this.

Ariella said...

Rey sounds like a clever and discriminating member of the family, they should listen to him.