Sunday, October 09, 2005

Fine dining

This is where my people serve my meals.
I have a lovely set of stainless steel bowls on a pet placemat.
This has been placed in the corner of the breakfast room.
I have an absolutely breath-taking view of an electrical outlet.

This is where I take my meals. Lacking opposable thumbs, I carry my food by the mouthful to the more spacious and aesthetically pleasing family room area.
Here I can enjoy natural light from the windows and see my surroundings rather than have that whole "lil Jack Horner" vibe going.
For some reason the people seem unhappy about this, but through careful systematic training I have shown them this is for the best.
Buon appetito!


bsoholic said...

That IS a breath-taking view of an elecrtical outlet! ;)

Oaty said...

Hmppfhfhffh! My food is served right next to the garbage can,where threads and bits of fuzzballs can fall right into my water dish! No breathtaking view of an electrical outlet for me! Im going on fact, next time, I'm bringing in a dead possum and plopping that right into my food dish!
Love, Oaty

schnoodlepooh said...

It's important to take your food to the best spot for eating. The food needs to travel. If it didn't, why would you have legs?

snavy said...

Rey takes his food to the other room to eat as well - you two have a lot in common. ;)

Tom & Icy said...

One of my favorite places to lie is in the corner next to the electric outlet, but I roll a lot and get tangled in the wires and unplug them. This seems to annoy the Masters.

weirsdo said...

There is a wonderful book called THE SILENT MIAOW by Paul Gallico in which the feline narrator takes a similarly high-pawed approach with her people. I would recommend it to you, but I think there are a few unflattering references to dogs.

lime said...

I noticed your preferred dining area also shows your propensity for modern art. Youare indeed a refined and erudite lil pup.

DaMasta said...

Quesa, my rat, takes her food into her bedroom (little round hut in her cage). I don't know the purpose of that. It's called "stashing". But it's not winter. And she does it all year long. Maybe she thinks I'M going to eat it or something.


Ariella said...

BS- well, as electrical outlets go I guess it isn't bad.

Oaty- You have got to work on those people of yours, hun!

Schnoodlepooh- so good to have a like minded visitor!

Snav-maybe you should send me a picture of Rey, he sounds wonderfully clever.

Icy- Be careful! Electrocution is shocking.

Weirsdo- I shall add that to my list of reading material, sounds promising.

Limey- Not only is it more attractive, it has the added benefit of leaving a vague dog food scent on the rug. Yummy!!

Damasta- I find I cannot fathom the rodent mind either, I don't imagine that is a bad thing for us.