Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Clearly she is not a fish, so why is she spending so much time in the water?

Last night the alpha male was gone for several hours so after the children went to bed it was just the AF and I.
She started gathering up some stuff and piling it in the bathroom while running some water so I knew exactly what was coming. She was going to lock herself in there and steam herself in a vat of nearly boiling water until she was on the verge of losing consciousness. As I followed her into the small room she gave me a very stern, narrow eyed glare and said, "You had better not make a pill of yourself!" This would have hurt my feelings a little bit if I were that sort of dog. So I lay on the floor for 7 1/2 minutes listening to the Nora Jones CD and the periodic page flipping coming from the tub. After that I started to get impatient, was she OK? Why does she engage in this very bizzare behavior? So I leaned up to check on her.

Everything seemed to be ok, although she took a very snippy tone with me.
I laid down again for a few moments, groaning loudly now about the heat and the general rudeness with which I have to deal.
(Hm, proper grammar does sound odd sometimes, doesn't it?)
Finally, she set her book down and then there wa alot of splashing, naturally this concerned me, so I mounted an investigation, as any caring pet would.

And what do I hear?
"Would you get down, you goober, you're going to fall in again!"
Now, it should be pointed out, that only happened a couple times.
Anyway, by my pacing on the edge of the tub and whining and barking and pawing at her I was able to finally convince her that she really needed to get out of the tub.
I am so good to her!


lime said...

the alpha male at the house of lime engages in this odd behavior too. he exhibits even stronger territorial tendencies than your AF. i understand yoru confusion, ariella.

barefoot_mistress said...

Next time, Ariella, be so kind as to excuse yourself from the bathroom and allow the AF to enjoy five minutes peace!
I know at my house, if I dont lock the bathroom door, the daughter will come in and want to join me, or "Mooommm, I have to go to the bathroom".....
Thankfully my dog would never fit in my bathroom! As for Oaty, she wouldn't dare! Everyone knows, cats hate baths!

bsoholic said...

Good job making sure the AF doesn't spend too much time in there! LOL!

DaMasta said...

My rat Quesa comes into the bathroom and waits for me to get out of the shower if I'm in there for too long.

The Village Idiot said...

So, In looking at your petite frame, i dont see what the problem is, surely there is enough room in there for the both of you. After all, you are a Portugese Water Dog arent you ...HELLO...water is in your name. I for one think the AF is being completely unreasonable

Vroom Vroomm Brrrrmmmmmmm....

Still practicing for my Seattle Bus Driver Test

snavy said...

First of all - I see someone's toes!!

Second, why oh why did you really bring the camera into the tub???

Tom & Icy said...

Delightful story! We give you five wags on that one.