Saturday, October 29, 2005

Our trip the beach

The alpha female and I went down to the beach the other day.
As it often does around here, it got sunny and gorgeous just before sunset.
This is the point in the trip where I typically begin to jump around and whine in excitment.

I wanted to share this lovely picture with you before showing you horrors that are to follow.
The beach is still a wonderful place to visit, don't let these terrorists ruin it for you.

Just out there they lurk, taunting with torturous calls. Indiscriminate poopers, scavengers, scourge of the shore, the bane of the beach, yes, I refer to...


Here is one just after I chased it into the water.
Look at it mocking me! Jerk!
I may not have proof of their grievous errors but I know they are guilty.
How do I know, you wonder?
They run when you chase them!!


weirsdo said...

It's true. They are filthy scavengers. Good for you, Ariella, and beautiful pics, too.

Breazy said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful ! No matter what is wrong in my world , all I have to do is go to the beach and all is right even if for a few moments . The beach is my favorite place to be . The bad thing is , is that the closest beach is 432 miles from me . :)

Have great weekend !

mireille said...

The ever-vigilant Ariella. Not only beautiful, but brave. *WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DOG* xoxo, Bucky

Oaty said...

I find seagulls, to be noisy, obnoxious and smelly! I hope you chased them all away, Ariella!

schnoodlepooh said...

Those are beautiful photos. We love the beach too and chasing those seagulls is so much fun!

lime said...

what lovely scenery!

Tom & Icy said...

Really beautiful pictures. We've never seen anything like that. We did see a pond once. You're a lucky dog.